Pearl-Cohn High School 2nd Annual Play Day

2017 Pearl-Cohn Play Day Flier


Pearl-Cohn High School will be hosting its 2nd Annual Play Day on November 4th.  It will be $150 for 3 games. If you have a JV team we are willing to give them 2 games .  We will work with you on your schedule.

Games will be 16 minutes with normal clock and a 2 minute halftime.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

Teams that participated last year:

Pearl-Cohn (Regional Quarterfinals)

Memphis Ridgeway (Regional Semi-Finals)

Memphis BTW (Regional)

Antioch  (Regional Quarterfinals)

Clarksville Northeast (TSSAA Sub-State)

MBA (DV2 AA State Final 4)

Fayette Ware (Regional)

Page High School (Regional)

Portland High School (Regional)

Hamilton Heights (National Tournament)

Hillsboro High School (Regional)

CAK (Regional)

JP2 (Regional)